Piccadilly Market: are macarons really the new cupcake?

Friday, July 9, 2010

are macarons really the new cupcake?

I am a self confessed Masterchef addict, just between us I did try out for series one but never made it through. Thank the lord, as I never would have made it through the stress of invention tests. Anyway if you watch you would have seen the macaron tower this week which made me decide I need to once and for all take it off my To Do List where it has been sitting for about a year now.

Just to be clear, macarons are made with almond meal and a different process to macaroons that are made with coconut. They may be the new cupcake but they sure do take alot longer and way more steps involved...i.e triple sifting.

So, I used this recipe from Gourmet Traveller. They are most certainly not perfect, I think I would give myself a 7/10 but I am pretty pleased with them and myself.

Here they are....

Just kidding, these images are from pugly pixel, how divine are they? here are mine...not bad for a first attempt just wish I had of doubled the recipe.

Cant wait to try some more flavours....stay tuned.


Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

hey they look great - shiny on top and crumbly on the side!!! well done for conquering the macarons off your list!! Enjoy

Lachy (ljoyce@me.com) said...

Your efforts look great!! I too wish I could knock up some of those shiny ones from Masterchef......Imagine what wacky combinations you could create!?

Pastel Pink said...

OMG so am I a Masterchef addict and why not.
Your Macaroons are amazing I did have a chuckle at your comment I was super inpressed.
I think your effort was pretty good just the same.
Yes Macaroons are the new cupcake they are everywhere in fine bakeries.

Anonymous said...

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