Piccadilly Market: Wedding Envy

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wedding Envy

This wedding just takes my breath away. It is at the wonderful T'Gallant on the Mornington Peninsula, one of my favorite areas. I got married close by at Lindenderry.

I happened upon these stunning photos by Jonathon Ong. The event was styled by styled by Georgie Kay from Gorgeous. Take a look at some of her other events, just divine.

Enough from me, the photos say it all.


Pinecone Camp said...

Hello from Vancouver. I'm just popping over from the byw forum. so much to catch up on! Your blog is lovely. These gorgeous wedding images make me wish I still shot wedding!
Have a lovely weekend.

Off The Peg said...

Wow! Just beautiful

Melbourne Function Room said...

Nice wedding reception.

JeffreyShockley said...

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