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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I am very excited about Koolaman Designs being part of Piccadilly.

Over the decades, Australian women have always found ways to be resourceful during times of hardship and drought and Lisa O’Keefe and Stacey Clayton of Koolaman Designs are no exception. From Lisa family’s 73,000-acre sheep and wheat station in Northern NSW, the sisters launched koolaman designs, silver with character® a collection of hand stamped silver jewellery that is being snapped up by women across the country.

Lisa lives on Koolaman Station with her husband and three children. Stacey lives near Rutherglen on the farm where the girls grew up with her husband and three children.

All pieces in the collection are hand stamped by Lisa and Stacey and have become a popular way to celebrate the birth of a child or a special anniversary. Mum’s and dad’s tell the girls that they love having the names and birthdates of their children swinging on beautiful pendants around their neck as it keeps those special people close to their hearts.

Koolaman Designs are also available online and prices range from $70-$150. With Mother’s Day just a few months away, it could be that perfect, elusive gift for the mum that has everything. Koolaman Designs, for new mum’s, not-so-new mum’s or just your mum.

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