Sandra Bowkett

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am very pleased to have Sandra Bowkett as a stall holder. Her work is beautiful and very unique. Check out her site and if you get a chance have a look at her amazing photography as well.

Sandra describes her work below:

I am drawn to the sculptural and functional objects of many cultures from the refined fine bone china and porcelain of Europe to the bold lowfired utilitarian forms of India and Africa. In my ceramic practice this diversity is apparent as I move between the two streams of my work. One direction is refined porcelain wearable objects where ceramic decals are used. I enjoy the play of using image and colour before the committing the piece to the fire.

In contrast I enjoy the different pace of handforming small objects. These are usually based on functional forms. I strive for a simple refined form with subtle textures that imply the making. I have been exploring the use of metal oxides and found earth materials. These pieces are either low fired fine clays or porcelains often under or over fired from the recommended temperatures.

I enjoy the craft of working with clay. The many processes involved from taking a piece from conception to a ceramic object are many and varied. The challenge of ‘the right’ combinations keeps me engaged in this work.

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