Vintage Caravans make me Happy

Monday, June 07, 2010

Tell me you would not squeal with delight if Constance or Polly Dolly (especially Constance) were living in your back yard? Can you imagine one of these being your crafty space,or your secret zen spot, the female version of the man cave. What about a cubby house for the kids?

Best thing is if you are in the UK you can hire either of these 2 babies through snail trail. There is also another company Vintage Vacations that hires out some pretty cool Airstreams.

In this months Frankie magazine they did a feature on My Cool Caravan which is also a book. I have always loved old caravans, they are super cool. A friend and I were discussing this a few weeks ago and both of our first memories were from the honeymoon on Heres Lucy...does anymoe remember that? Granted it was not a teensy tiny Constance but a fun Trailer none the less.

It got me thinking about a great Vintage Trailer Park in the United States that I had read about when I was living there before the days of the internet. A few google clicks and I found it. Shady Dell, it is up there in places I would love to visit.

Then I found a blog called Happy Loves Rosie and look what lives in her backyard. How jealous am I exactly??

Last but not least, another fave blogger of mine Danielle Thompson
has just been to Austin and did this posting on a fab airstream that is a cupcake cafe called Hey Cupcake, how cool does it look?

I am left dreaming about owning one of these one day or at least vacationing in one.

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