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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

...........who is the loveliest of them all?

Prue Madden's Inspiration for her designs are taken from places she has been and things she has seen throughout 10 years of travels abroad. Objects, animals, places and patterns which hold so much beauty that for a moment, they take your breath away.

The stunning beauty of the Sakura cherry blossom blooms in Japan, the mesmerising patterns and intoxicating colours of Turkish rugs, the delicate pink of a lotus flower as its bloom opens for the first time. Fragments of beauty imposed onto earthenware tiles, bring a little of the world’s beauty into every room.

We can never have too much beauty surrounding us? Whats the most beautiful thing you have in your home?

I dont think I could choose just one but at the moment I am loving a black and white canvas that my brother gave me for my birthday of him, my Mum and I dancing in the rain in the Botanical Gardens a very long time. It evokes alot of lovely memories.

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