As sweet as Apple Crumble

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

From Ballarat I would like to welcome Elaine from Apple Crumble Clothes. How totally adorable is that skirt with the big red bow? In consultation with her daughter and 2 daughters in law, who are the gurus on what little people like to wear a kids clothing business has been born. Elaine uses modern top quality patchwork fabric from overseas, designed by Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson, Anna Maria Horner and other well known American designers. She sews each garment herself – skirt, jackets, tops and dresses in Ballarat.Local and Australian Made is what we love. Prices are very reasonable.

......................and the boys are not forgotten. If I had a $1.oo for every person that said why isn't there more boys clothing I would be a rich woman. Elaine has some super cute boys options as well.

She does not have a website so Piccadilly is the place to come and see what she has on offer.

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