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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Most of my regular readers and friends know how much I love photography and photographing my children. Its capturing a moment in time and is a record of theirs an our existence. I love natural photos which is why I love the childrens shots by Adrienne from pixel tree Not all of us have the time, the 'eye' or the right camera to make magic happen and thats where Adrienne comes in.

After many years working as a multimedia producer, Adrienne Campbell decided to put down her mouse and start a family. But after her first baby arrived, she couldn't put down her camera. Eventually members of her mother's group asked her to take photos of their little ones too, and before she knew it, pixel tree had been born. Adrienne prefers to take photos of babies, children and families in the most comfortable environment possible... their own homes. She believes the most precious memories are made out of everyday-ness. There is no studio, no lights, no make-up. She would rather photograph children playing with mud pies under the apple tree, Vegemite faces and drooling babies. Adrienne believes a great photo album is filled with favourite dolls and boisterous dogs. To view a sample of her work, take a look at her site

Not only is Adrienne a fantastic photographer but also the person who designed by gorgeous and much commented on Piccadilly Logo. She took my simple hand drawings and turned them into something beautiful.

This next picture is my adorable cousin Poppy.

Make sure you stop by on the 1st of August and see Adriennes beautiful work. Adrienne will be offering on the spot photo sessions on the day and you can even take the pictures away with you the same day. The cost will be $25 for one 5x7 or two for $40. Sounds like a great deal to me.

Do you think you take enough photos of your children? Are you in your photos? Thats probably my biggest complaint, its like I dont exist in photos which is why I would love a photo shoot done.

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