Lili Lou Lou

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Melanie from Lilli Lou Lou makes the most gorgeous little girls clothes. I very first met Melanie at a playground in Torquay many many years ago and she has been a regular stall holder at the Geelong Baby and Childrens Market so I am happy to have her come and show her goodies at Piccadilly as well.

Melanie is ADDICTED to buying fabric (join the club), there are so many clever designers out there who put out sensational ranges that Melanie says she always falls in love with and has to buy their designs, then once she has the fabric in her hands the creations start from there, picturing a little dress here and a little skirt there, She comes up with all the complimenting components to the items and all of the garments are designed by Melanie and are then made locally here in Torquay.

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