Mad for Mohini

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Mohini jewellery is designed in Australia and crafted from all natural elements; Kylie's jewellery is predominately handmade using techniques sourced from far away corners of the earth. Incorporating precious gems, stones, sterling silver, gold, and exquisite materials from around the world.

Inspired by the myth of fairytales. Mohini aims to encapsulate the beauty the earth has to offer. Each piece is designed to reflect this in an organic simplicity, an ode to nature.

The earth is an enchanted being. Spinning a melody, that whispers many fantastical secrets. Truth floats in ancient seas of silver immersed in deepest aquamarine. Gems of knowledge glint with hidden answers and untold dreams. Pearls of wisdom illuminate eyes wide open and hearts beat heavy with magic and desire. Beauty and abundance shimmer in golden light and rapture the quiet. Lost for words. Taken by nature in surrender to love. Mohini - Jewellery from earth.

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