a skulk of foxes

Thursday, July 29, 2010

there must be something in the water on this side of town as Natalie from
a skulk of foxes is yet another Prep Mum and friend. That makes 3 crafty mums from Prep 2010.

I am sooooo excited Natalie is coming. I adore her pieces and have a few of my own.

Established in 2006, A Skulk of Foxes creative directors, Natalie and Andrew Cirillo are inspired by an eclectic mix of folk art, fables and forest animals. They draw on combined experience of over 20 years in the fashion and 3D animation industries to take an innovative if not unorthodox approach to the design and manufacture of their jewellery. All pieces are hand made in their studio in Geelong using sterling silver, acrylic and timber.
They look forward to releasing their brand new range for 2010/2011 at Piccadilly Market.

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