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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So I have been totally lusting after the Lola Camera Bag from
epiphanie for about 12 long months. Every time I thought I was close to splashing out something else extremely dull like a root canal or car service came along and ruined all my plans. Finally some money came through from the sale of my some of my fathers cameras and I did it. It arrived yesterday, I am sure my son Jonah thought I had completely lost it when I was skipping out of the post office with package in hand. I love it!!! Totally stylish and suits me alot better than a boring old mans camera bag. It is slightly smaller inside than I thought it would be but still very very happy. I have my camera, 2 lenses and a flash and a few little bits and pieces in it. I do need to remove my flash if I want to pop my purse in.

I could not wait another second before taking a photo of the box it came in.

How stunning is it? Loving the silver camera tag hanging from it.

This is the lovely inside.

I also lashed out and bought a 30mm 1.4 lens for my Pentax and an external flash, I shopped around and the best deal was from B&H Photo, an American well respected site. Am blown away by their prompt service, I ordered on Thursday night and it arrived on Monday. They sell all kinds of products including ipods and laptops. The product reviews are brilliant and helped me make an informed decision.

Looking forward to getting out there with my bag and new lens and see what I can create.

image from paislee press

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