Fabric Magic

Sunday, September 12, 2010

There is a nothing quite like seeing a stack of beautiful fabric become a gorgeous item and in this case a quilt for one of my cousins new born twins. I went and saw them again on Friday, so amazingly adorable and so small. Hard to believe my girls were ever that tiny. I think it is really feminine and my signature is fast becoming using chenille in my quilts. I love the touchy feelie qualities of it. I have made it so it can be used as a pram blanket or thrown on the floor for them to lie on. It is lined with fleece and the backing is also fleece so its super soft and snuggly.

I will be starting the 2nd one this week, it will be similar but definitely not the same, a few little differences. The lovely sewing elements on the collages are from the fabulous Danielle at kitschy digitals.

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