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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So is everyone familiar with e-zines? They are online magazines and most definitely all the rage. Here are two of my new favorites. Go make a coffee, sit down and Enjoy!!!!

The first is from Ivy and Piper who have some lovely home decor in their store. The e-zine can be viewed here and its gorgeous. I really really really love and want these shoes that are advertised in it. They make me squeal with delight (what do you think shoe girl Amanda?)...and the color is delicious.

The 2nd one is Gifted Magazine which can be viewed here. It has been created by Ez at Creature Comforts and is jam packed with some amazing DIY projects for the holiday season ans some great gift ideas.

I am super keen to make this snowfall, it's so lovely and dreamy.

Are any of you have any DIY projects for the festive season. I have so many on my list but it all comes down to that beastly thing called time.

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