Did somebody say drool?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

OMG!!! I am completely blown away by this online magazine. I have been a fan of this blog for a while, if you have not heard of what katie ate then you are in for a treat. Even better is that she is an Aussie. I do warn you to not enter the site if you are feeling slightly peckish. I am still salivating. The photography will blow you away, I could literally smell the chocolate through my lap top screen. I am writing out an ingredient list for the Vanilla Cookies, Macadamia Cranberry Cookies and Chocolate Cherry Mousse Pots, just to mention a few.

I am all over the biscuiteers advent calendar and those cookies. Go do some more drooling when you are finished here.Need to get my hands on the Mozi Ham Bag.

The section on New York takes me back to the winter I spent in New York, I remember Christmas as being bitterly cold but so wonderfully magical. I often walked home from work and it really was like living in a dream. The giant wreath in the window of 'extra virgin' is giving me all sorts of ideas.

MUST MUST MUST visit Monsieur Truffe in Collingwood these holidays and next time I am in Sydney I do believe a picnic from The Sydney Picnic Co may be in order.

I could go on and on but that would ruin it for you. So sit back and enjoy 495...yes 495 pages of complete decadence from around the world.

Tell me what you thought....

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