We all Screamed for Ice Cream

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last Sunday was Jonah's 7th Birthday....7....it barely seems possible. We decided together that this years theme would be Ice Cream as we are both crazy about it. Jonah was very particular about how, why, where and what he wanted. I think I got it right for him. A great day was had by all and we were blessed with having one of the few days that it did not rain. Perfect weather, perfect location and perfect guests.

This is the invite we designed together.

How totally divine are these ice cream cookies that were made by the super talented Sanja at Prendergast and Grace at 20 Bellerine St, GEELONG. Everything she does is totally divine and she will custom make anything that is humanly possible.

These ice cream cone cupcakes were a big hit, to clarify I baked the cake mix IN the cones then frosted them. Divine and Delicious. All I did was use a packet mix (naughty me) and filled the ice cream cones 2/3rds of the way and baked till ready. They were very top heavy and kept falling over so be really gentle. To make it even easier (remember I had just moved house) I used Betty Crocker ready made frosting in the can with the nozzle, shake, squeeze and voila!!!!

The gorgeous cupcake toppers and lolly labels were designed by the lovely Kim from Amity Invites. Another one of my great stallholders.

I was told that there was to be no Pass the Parcel or Musical Chairs. We had to have sack races, egg and spoon and we found a great tag game. Here are some pics from some good old fashioned kid fun. There were many photo finish moments.

Opening presents was super fun for Mr 7 Year Old and he commanded an audience

I created a little photo booth where the kids could get silly, it was fun and even the adults got involved.

and here he is with his winning sundae combination.

He is already planning next years theme which at this stage is a Cowboy Theme.

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