its time for another emag

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

you know how much I love an emag and here is another brand new one called est that happens to be Australian which makes it extra special. Go make yourself a cuppa and go check it out.

Page 24 has a lovely article on being a nomad and not allowing your things to weigh you down. As a hoarder I love the idea and hope one day I can achieve it but in the meantime I am just drooling over this image on page 35 ( I just love me a caravan). I LOVE it and want to position myself there for days on end being very very lazy....and the horse on page 37, he is just begging for a big cuddle.

The kitchen/dining on page 66-67 totally sings to day I hope.

Here are some other great ones I have blogged about here
and here

Let me know if anything sung to you.

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