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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why are there soooooooooooooooo many beautiful things out there that I simply must have but both my budget and size of house don't allow?

I found this camera bag last night and totally love it.

and this Messenger Bag...ooh la la!!!

So many more to choose from at Jeanne Oliver Designs and while you are there take a peek at the jewelery.

I absolutely positively MUST have one of these chest of drawers and practically every other thing in the collection. I have been a fan of Kelly Rae Roberts for years and have blogged about her numerous times. Love her style. Just need to figure out how I get the stuff delivered to Geelong West.

I can also visualize these suitcases in my home.

My last little find this week are these divine tea light holders made by glassybaby and they come in every possible colour you can think of.

This is the beautiful description from the website written by the designers 12 year old son.

A glassybaby is physically a small, colored glass cup, candleholder, or vase. But the light of a candle coming through a glassybaby generates more: it gives warmth to a cold day, a calm token of peace in the busy world.

Since 1998, Lee Rhodes has been designing, publicizing, and selling these small, extremely tough and strong cups. In 2001, she began to learn to blow these glasses, and has produced many glasses since.

glassybaby are made through a multi-layered glassblowing process and their color comes from different shaded color rods to produce a mix of opaque, translucent, and deeply colored glasses. This method creates a thick, strong piece of glass that has many functions and uses.

glassybaby come in a multitude of different colors that you can mix to create a stunning, flickering picture for a quiet vigil or a bustling party. Shining out of a window, a glassybaby creates an aura of love and good that fills the heart of anyone on the sidewalk or street.

There is almost no limit to the moods and feelings that a glassybaby or group of glassybaby can produce in someone, be it the calm and tranquil mint green or the inspiring dark orange.

As glasses, glassybaby are beautiful and useful: they act as cups and goblets, and the transparent colors are ideal for this job. glassybaby are dishwasher safe and are practically indestructible when you drop them.

glassybaby are useful in many ways. But their real use is lifting bad moods and loneliness. Their warm and colored light flickers like we do in everyday life. glassybaby serve as a metaphor to symbolize hope and are humble in spirit but not in beauty. Whatever your mood, a glassybaby can keep your home inviting and full of spirit.


Aren't they just amazing but what colours would you choose?

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