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Thursday, February 02, 2012

A few weeks ago I started to get a few messages that I had to go check out this new place called The Imaginarium Project and that it was my kind of place. I do love that my readers know me so well. I have been away for most of the holidays and only managed to make it down yesterday.

Can I just say that it was love at first sight. This is totally my kind of place. Infact I could pack my bags and move in immediately. Its kooky, quirky and utterly fabulous and has a great ambience.
I overheard Mums telling their kids they really had to go as they had been there since 10am and this was at 4pm. This is definitely not a place to pop in, its a stay a while place.

The main theme is Alice in Wonderland which had me weak at the knees and wishing this was around for my girls 6th birthday last year which was an Alice theme. You can go through the rabbit hole into an upside down room which is to have more added to it soon. Then there are themed rooms, one is Wild West and has dress ups, toy guns, saloon bar, jails etc. So fantastic for imaginative play. Then there is a great Pirate Room complete with boat, games and a cave with treasure. Enter if you dare into the Halloween Room that is dark and filled with creepy crawlies.
Near the main section is a glow in the dark chalk room that was pretty damn cool.

The main cafe area has a huge mural of the Mad Hatters Tea Party and then there is another little section of to the side that is just divine and perfect for a tea party and not just for kids. I am seriously considering a grown up get together (any takers?) Very cleverly Nicky who runs this amazing place has put the gated 0-4 play room so Mums can sit back and relax in Wonderland with a cuppa whilst their little ones are being creative. This is how my tea was served...

Did I mention that there are gorgeous party girls in each section in costume checking all is OK and running some fun games? Free Face Painting by Alice herself was a bonus and the Queen of Hearts was doing some limbo and statue games.

Whilst we are there a piñata was hung to provide even more fun.

I can't begin to tell you how amazing this is, it is a dreamland for children and adults too.

Nicky is hatching many more ideas including a room I am super excited about...I will give you a hint at the bottom of this post. There are plans for a revolving room where the theme will change.

Look out for some fundraising events in the near future. A close friend of Nicki's son sadly died from cancer which prompted her to create the project and she wants to start a foundation and raise much needed funds. A girl after my own heart. She told me they had a group of deaf children come through who were in awe of everything. Makes my heart sing with joy.

Sit back and enjoy the visuals and I am sure you will not be able to stay away and let them know you heard about them here.

The Imaginarium Project can be found at 18 Crown Street, Sth Geelong and is open 10am - 5pm

Enquiries 0402 831 650

They can also be found on Facebook

So what do you think? Are you going to go check it out?

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