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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Has that got your interest?

This is a bizarre topic to talk about and to even blog about but I just HAD to let you know about this ridiculously, amazing product no matter how odd or uncomfortable it is to do so.

I don't believe anyone out there appreciates a stinky loo and what I find even worse is a rose smelling stinky loo. The pretty smelling sprays are just an overlay of what lurks beneath so it is a sickly combination of the 2.

I have to say I was a bit sceptical when I read about this product but holy cow it really does work, it is beyond amazing and I think a law should be passed that all bathrooms worldwide be equipped with a bottle of this magic. I do not believe I have ever been this excited about a bathroom product before.

The one I have is Poo-Pourri Crap Shooter...don't you just love the name?

This is the description on the poo-pourri website

Spray The Bowl First, Guns-A-Blazing, The Smell Is Contained, This Stuff Is Amazing! Made with the fresh scent of casis, Citurs Peel, Fir, and natural essential oils, this before-you-go bathroom spray creates a barrier against potential bathroom odor. The 2oz bottle is the perfect size for your purse or briefcase! It's ECONOMICAL-with up to 100 uses, it's less than 8 cents per use! Yippie Aye Eh!

From experience I have found it works just as effectively if one sprays after the event.

I can't help giggling whilst writing this.

It comes in many different scents, Daisy Doo is for the ladies, Heavy Doody for the men out there and even one for the kids called Lil Stinker.  I am however very happy with the Crap Shooter.

At this stage they do not ship to Australia which sucks but if you know anyone at all that can send it on for you it is so worth it, you will become an instant fan.

9 May - I emailed them and they do ship to Australia...yeh!!!!!

16 September 2013

Just found this hilarious video

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