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Monday, June 18, 2012

Today I would like to introduce you to another new stallholder Julia from Jujo Baby. The knitwear is just divine, almost making me a little clucky. I can imagine bundling a special little one in this amazing onesie. Julia is very generously giving away 2 onesies to 2 very lucky readers. More details at the bottom of this post. I think I would like this in an adult size.

Tell us a little about yourself?

 I'm a Mum to 2 beautiful and energetic children, make it 3 if you include our big black labrador. I grew up in England surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside which was a huge inspiration to me. I met my husband John while travelling and set up home in Australia 10years ago. We met in Melbourne but both grew up only a few miles apart in England ... destiny? A great story to tell the children! I am a knitwear designer by profession and used this experience to help design and launch my knitwear label Jujo baby last year.

  How did you come up with your business name?

 It was hard, we wanted something that was childlike and sounded cute, we took the Ju from my first 2 initials and Jo from John's and came up with Jujo, we thought it had a good sound about it. Tell us how your product/range came about? I've always been a bit of a knitwear nerd and still remember my Nana knitting away and the amazing aran cardigans she made us as children. I became a knitwear designer over 15years ago and always dreamed of one day being able to incoporate something I loved doing into my own little business. I had my daughter Eve 4 years ago and while trying to find knitwear for her the seed was first planted to begin my own children's knitwear range. Around my work I used to pencil plans and ideas. I wanted to create a beautiful knitwear range that was contemporary but used traditional knitwear techniques that I love such as cable designs and fairilse pattens that I use in my designs. " Traditional with a twist." In Jan 2011 I took the plunge to make it real. It is the most exciting yet daunting project Ive ever done, I have had such positive feedback and support from family and friends that its the best thing Ive ever done ... and still a work in progress .... ( the best thing apart from marrying the hubby and having my children I should add!)

 How long have you been in business for?

 I officially launched Jujo baby mid last year when I received my first "sugar & spice" collection. Our website went live in October, the same week I had my baby boy Finn. We have our very own Jujo baby model.

 What inspires you? 

 I find inspiration everywhere I go, landscapes, Mountains, countryside, beach, sunsets and the amazing colours, architecture - I love Art Deco,. Prints especially vintage and old knitting patterns ... my childrens drawings ... different cultures .... there are so many the list is endless really. Have you always been ‘crafty’ or has it bloomed later in life? I've always had an artistic streak and as a child would spend hours drawing and painting ... and doodling, even now if I'm sat with a pencil and piece of paper without me even thinking about it, it will be full of scribble of different patterns and shapes .. I am the doodle queen.

 When you are not busy creating what do you love doing? 

I love spending precious quality time with my family, going on day trips and finding new places and vintage and op shops around country VIC there's some amazing ones out there in the most unlikely places. Friends are hugely important to me and I love catching up with them usually over a glass of vino ...or 2. Food, I'm not the best cook but my husband is a wizz in the kitchen. I'd love to say going to music gigs & festivals and the theatre, I love the musicals but unfortunately don't get the time to do the latter these days ....

 What is something cool that most people wouldn’t know about you? 

Mmmm have to think hard about this one as I think I'm quite an open book. I do really love the old black & white movies. I often think that I was born in the wrong era... I have a fascination with trees, the way the branches and roots twist, the textures of the bark I used to use these in abstract when I used to paint .... not sure if people would find that cool or just bizarre.

 If money was no object what would be your dream destination? There are so many places I would love to visit all for very different reasons. I am lucky that I have travelled to many places in my old job but If money was no object I'd city hop all around the world stopping off in the UK as often as possible to visit my family.

 What are you reading right now?

 Sleeping with the enemy, the biography of Coco Chanel which I have just started reading, it takes me a while to read a full book these days ...I love autobiographys. The last one I read or should I say cried my way through was Mao's last Dancer - what an amazing book that was.

 What is your favorite website(s) ?

Lots of different websites, for myself Asos and Iconic, Etsy is great for handmade finds, anthropology I always like to check out and their shops are amazing, I'm a follower on pinterest and did i mention jujo baby?

Who wants to win one of these amazing creations? Just leave a comment by 7pm on Friday 22nd June telling us What is your best winter warmer?

If you are an anonymous user, please leave your name.

I have one in Poppy and one in Denim sized 3-6 months.


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