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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

We are very fancy at drawing winners in our house, tonight it was my daughter choosing a number between 1 and 34 and we got 3 which is Cathy who is incredibly deserving of a bravery prize consisting of 2 double passes to see Brave courtesy of Disney Pixar. This was her entry...

The bravest thing I have done was to stay strong for our very sick baby (6 months in hospital) while we mourned his twin brother. Was a very rocky journey which has continued his entire 14 years as he has 15 specialists. I have continued to have to stay strong and brave.

My second bravest thing was offering to care for a family of 5 kids, locals we didn't know who were all lower primary and preschool age with youngest being 1yo, for 1 day (while their mum went up to visit their father who had had a serious car accident) but end up looking after them for 4 weeks in my home...beds everywhere lol.
What a lovely thing you are doing to give a family the chance to see the movie :-)

Wow!!!! that sure is some big stuff you had to deal with. Everyone's answer was wonderful and it 
seems I have a lot of super brave readers out there. I really enjoyed reading everyones stories.

I have also done a redraw for the Jujo Baby Giveaway as both winners did not contact me. Louise Ryan and Stephlee Photography are the lucky new winners of the gorgeous suits.

If all 3 winners could email me their addresses to, I will organise for your prizes to be sent.

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