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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I feel like I am a teenager with my excitement level on todays Amazon delivery. I have been wanting these super cool Smash journals for the longest time and they have been sitting quietly in my shopping cart for months. Every week I would go in and visit them but was finding it hard to justify the shipping costs. Then 2 weeks ago I accidentally pressed complete order (no really!!!!) They arrived today and I am squealing with delight, even better in the flesh then on a screen.

 I purchased 4 of them which included one for all 3 kids but honestly I don't think the girls are up to appreciating this level of paper beauty just yet. I have always been a journal keeper, a scrapper both paper and digitally, I am mad about Pinterest so I guess it makes sense that I am doing hand stands for these. Each journal has a cool theme which I didn't really realise until they arrived. So many pages of cool sayings, lists, designs, pictures etc. Brilliant for the creative mind. I am going to have one for recording all the children's funny things they do and say and another for my trip to South America in a few months. Here are some of the inside pages.

It comes with a pen/glue stick attached. You can also order lots of extra fun stuff like tabs, folders, dividers, quotes etc.

If you are still wondering what all the excitement is about check out this video.


 You can read more here on the Smash Journal Blog to get some ideas. I also snuck in The Pioneer Woman's latest Cookbook. She has got it going on in the kitchen. If you have never heard of her, you are missing out big time so go check out her awesome blog. She has some pretty amazing giveaways as well.

 So race over to Amazon and fill your cart.

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