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Friday, October 26, 2012

Not long to go until one of my families favorite traditions, Halloween that is starting to get more and more popular in Australia. It is pure fun and a great way to get to know your neighbours. Last year we popped a letter in all the houses in the street with a ribbon and if they wanted to participate all they had to do was tie the ribbon somewhere visible. This worked wonderfully as the kids didn't bother anyone who was not happy to indulge.

We were really surprised at the level of participation  it was fantastic to see people, especially the oldies have a great time. One man opened the door and had a cauldron filled with dry ice the kids had to pop their hands into to get their treats which they still talk about a year on.

My gorgeous friend Ewa has designed this years letter courtesy of a design found at design.wash.rinse.repeat (a great blog by the way)

For those who think this is a silly American tradition, think again. The origins are from the 16th century and are though to originate from Scotland. You can read more about Halloween here.

My children were told at school that the devil would come and take them away if they celebrated Halloween. What crazy talk. I am here after 20 years of celebrating so we will be safe.

Here a few pics from last years fun. Go gather some friends and have some fun.

29th Oct - I have had a number of people emailing and calling me for my address to trick or treat. If everyone came it would be very unfair to my neighbours  The intention was to print off and distribute in your own street. Sorry if there was any confusion.

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