The Happy Lab made us very happy

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We have just had a few days in Melbourne catching up with friends and doing lots of fun stuff. I took the kids out to Chadstone yesterday as I needed to visit the Apple shop. Huge issues with pairing my iphone 5 with my bluetooth, once I walked into the forcefield of Apple it worked instantly of course.

Very close by to Apple we spied a shop called the Happy Lab and boy were we glad we did. A candy store that not only appeals to kids but too adults like me. I was squealing with delight. The awesome, friendly staff who could only exude happiness working in a shop like that were brilliant. We could try samples of anything and everything and we happily took up that offer.

The kids were completely taken with the wall of Happy Beans that come in cute little test tubes in every flavour known to man. I picked Mango which happens to be their best seller and am eating them while I type....yum!!!!

Next I spied the popcorn and I do love gourmet popcorn, hawaiian salted caramel had me hook, line and sinker.

It just kept getting better every time I turned around and the free samples meant our pile on the counter was growing by the minute. So next was the chocolate bar, New York Cheesecake was amazing but I settled for Caramel Crunch.

How cute is this chocolate lollypop, would make a great gift.

On the counter are all these teensy containers filled with a huge range of flavours of gummy bears.

Needless to say, we left very happy and with a bag stuffed full of goodies. Highly recommend a visit here. They also have stores at Highpoint, Doncaster and Melbourne International Airport.

...the girls enjoying their lollypops.

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