To Markit To Market

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I LOVE markets which should be obvious seeing I run 3 of them. I always have, ever since I was a kid. My strongest childhood memory being the fabulous Red Hill Market.

I have been wanting to visit Markit under the Atrium at Federation Square for the longest time but the dates have never worked, so finally the stars aligned and I got to go on Sunday.

It was totally fab to be on the other side and be the shopper rather than the organiser. 100 stalls of totally beautiful. amazing, creative things. I made 2 purchases that I adore and I got to catch up with some of my regulars.

The first is this divine jelly pot planter that I have been eyeing off for quite some time from Angus and Celeste. Some of my Piccadilly Market Facebook followers might remember when I popped this photo up  that I took in  The Flower Dispensary and it get a lot of love. I too would love to have this many hanging in my home but will start with one and see how I go.

The next thing that took my fancy was this tea towel from Lumiere Art + Co, who I have had a design crush on for a while and am lusting after one of their cushions and a print.  Will see if I can frame this one.

Yellow seems to be what I am drawn to currently. It makes me happy. Last year I bough a TV cabinet and transformed it from drab to fab in yellow and now I buy items that compliment it.

I lined up for my wrap at a cafe and only once I was through the line waiting did I notice all of these soups. Yum!!!!  Next time.

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