Why I decided to welcome a Thermomix into my home..

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Ok, so for years now I have been hearing about the fabulous Thermomix and all it can do and how I of all people really needs one. Upon hearing the price I have just blocked my ears and said La la la every time someone talked about it.

THEN it started showing up in my newsfeed on Facebook.

"Wow look at the sorbet I made in 2.4 minutes"
"I just made me own pesto, stock and tikka paste"
"Look at my amazing green smoothie"
" I just made the kids snack for the week in 1 hour"

Aghhhhh!!!!!  Make them stop.

So when my Aunt announced she was going overseas I found myself asking if I could loan hers for a few weeks and thats when I entered the slippery slope of no return.

One of my friends Sophie became a consultant and I told her she could practise on me and BFF Peg but 100% no way was I buying one.  10 minutes into our demo Peg and I looked at each other and were "Holy Crap I really need one of these"

Day 1, I started with my own beautiful, amazing Tikka Paste that in turn made amazing butter chicken that had the kids licking their plates. Tick.

Day 2 was the crazy, amazing fried rice from Quirky Cooking done on all 3 levels of the Thermo. No oil and totally relish. Tick.

Piccadilly Market

Day 3 and why don't I make my own chicken concentrate from scratch that now gets dolloped into lots of meals.

Piccadilly market

Day 4 lets try some of the super creamy, delicious, lump free custard that everyone raves about...yep its that good.

Think I should pull out the paperwork and see how I can pull this thing of.

Day 5 Beef Stroganoff yumminess that had some more licking of plates

Day 6  I cant believe I waited 6 days to try fruity dream. Raw sugar and frozen fruit whipped up with an egg white in 3 minutes to produce the best dessert ever.

Piccadilly Market

Hook, line and sinker

In the days that followed was shortcrust pastry, pizza dough for school rolls, lemon curd, vegetable concentrate, tuna casserole and much more.

Piccadilly Market

"Hi Sophie, how quickly can I get my Thermo baby"

I so did not want to be one of 'those' people that post pics and boast online about their Thermo adventures. I am currently sitting on my hands to not post daily, we will see how long I last on Facebook. You really will want to scream it from the roof tops. Crazy I know.

Why Do I Love my Thermomix?

1. It  weighs, mixes, beats, grinds, blends, steams, cooks, whips and probably way more that I have 
not discovered yet. It replaces so many of my kitchen gadgets.

2. The time it saves. At 12 noon I can get up from my desk, throw a bunch of fresh veggies in to cook for 20 minutes, come back blend and lunch is ready. I would never leave my desk to go chop, cook, stir, wait till cool down, pour into blender and then eat hours later and then have loads of washing up. I can make spur of the moment decisions.

3. I know what is going into my food, no nasties, all the good stuff. It makes me feel good and healthy and that I am doing the right thing by my kids.

4. It has re ignited my passion for coking that got a little lost with kids and running a business from home and truly having no time.

5.AND it grinds and makes coffee perfectly for when I am consulting at home. Not to mention the goodies I can whip up to eat.

Yes it is a lot of money but I do believe it will save you money as you will be preparing a lot of food that you used to buy. We buy cars with the bells and whistles,  Fancy fridges, air conditioners, computers and smart phones. This is another of those things we want to make life easier and better.

They have great payment plans so have a demo and check it out.  My consultant Sophie is fabulous, her  passion is inspiring and her love of healthy eating and fitness is great to see. If you are in the Geelong area and would like a demo contact me for her details.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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