A day out at the Finders Keepers market

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

On Saturday I had a lovely day to Melbourne to visit the Finders Keepers market which is always such a treat. It is always nice for me to just shop and relax and find cool new things.

I went with the delightful Miss Peggy as a LLDO (Luscious Ladies Day Out) starting with a fun road trip of verbal diarrhoea that we so love to do.

and we met my beautiful Mummy who was hand delivering her book that she has been writing for the past 5 years that has finally been published. We thought it was a perfect reason to have a celebratory wine.

From here we spied the amazing Betsy behind the Frankie stand and we got a sneaky peek inside. Sooooooooo on my wish list to have one of these.

Our first unique discovery that Miss Peggy was jumping up and down about were these Crafternoon Kits from Freckles and Ginger (totally cute name). This is perfect for the person who wants to try their hand at sewing but the idea of it is all too hard. The pattern pieces are printed onto the fabric and everything you need like pins, zips etc are included. No driving back and forth to Spotlight anymore. These got a big tick of approval from us.

How adorable is this machine?

The next think that has me squealing for joy were these Treasure Boxes from foolhouse. I love them. I think all kids and teenagers need a place to lock away their special things. My Dad gave me an old tin lock box that is very ugly but I still have it filled with my momentos. I am thinking of one each for my kids for Christmas. You can order them with a name on the box also.

They also had this fab tea towel that a few of us women could relate to.

Next up was this cool Melbourne teapot and am totally crushing the 100's and 1000's pillowcase from the fabulous make me iconic

Then I discovered the amazing knitted products from Wic and Folk. I love the giant needles and was treated to a mini demo. I made a cute video but it is not playing nice and uploading. I am teaching Miss L who is 8 to knit, was having a giggle thinking of her trying to learn on these.

Miss Peggy (and me too) love a flamingo so this awesome pillow from The Club of Odd Volumes absolutely came back to Geelong with us for Pegs caravan, which I am completely envious over by the way.

Another cool discovery were these lovely little embroidered treats from dandelyne. You can send in a photo and have a custom made pendant. We thought this was very us.

and how cute are these?

They have some little do it yourself kits that tickled my fancy.

These little plates from Linogirl have gone straight to my wish list. Christmas present anyone?

All in all a great day, could have spent wayyyyy more than I did but have a big list for next time. These are the things I did buy.

Cute note cards from Able and Game

Loving my new light as a feather felt necklace from Cloth Poppy

This handy little notebook from Mi Goals

Hope you enjoyed this market update. Keep supporting the small local businesses.

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