In The Spotlight: Oksa

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I would like to introduce Oksa who are new to Piccadilly Market for our Christmas event on the 1st of December. If you or anyone you know is pregnant you will want to check out this line of maternity clothing.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I have recently moved to Jan Juc from Sydney with my husband and two children, Oscar (4) and Charlie (2). I grew up in Melbourne and had plenty of Summers in Anglesea so I am somewhat familiar with the area. I love all things active and since acquiring a garden, I spend most of my time weeding, pruning and procrastinating in it!
How did you come up with your business name?
I wanted a name that wasn't related to "mummies", "boobs" or pregnancy. Because our range is more of a lifestyle collection (meaning it can be worn by all), I didn't want to alienate those not pregnant or breastfeeding. My little nephew always called Oscar "Oksa Rockstar which I thought was so cute, so the name was decided!
Tell us how your product/range came about?
It is the same story going around! Whilst I was pregnant with Oscar and working in the medical industry, I couldn't find any nice maternity clothes and more importantly breastfeeding clothes. I bought some garments for breastfeeding from some of the bigger companies (all made off-shore) and after two or so wears of pulling fabric aside to feed, the fabric had stretched and 'pilled'. After Googling "how to start your own clothing line", I was armed with a very talented pattern maker, a few designs and Oksa was born! Cool
How long have you been in business for?
3 Years  
What inspires you? 
 I love looking through different types of magazines and seeing what is currently on-trend in mainstream fashion and seeing which type of fashion would work for maternity as well as breastfeeding. I also have quite classic design taste and pieces that will take you through multiple pregnancies and fashion trends. 
Have you always been ‘crafty’ or has it bloomed later in life?
Definitely bloomed later in life and I'd still say it hasn't bloomed as yet! As I said, I just have a very talented pattern maker that can interpret stick figure designs! 
What is something cool that most people wouldn’t know about you?
There isn't anything that cool about me to be honest! I even rang my sister to ask and she said the same! I'm a pretty open book so most people know everything about me in the first meeting. Let's just say I like to talk! We best not get chatting then. lol
If money was no object what would be your dream destination?
Right now somewhere hot, because it is coming up to Summer and it's still freezing down here! I'd love to go to South America and Mexico! 
What are you reading right now?
Shantaram- I have been reading it for about 3 months now!  Great book, I loved it
What is your favorite website(s) ?           
Hands down I love weather watching and am constantly glued to the radar!  
What is on your Christmas wishlist?
A little dog- although I am trying to secretly get one before Chrissy!  Me too

Make sure you stop by and say Hi on the 1st.

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