Who remembers their first concert?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If you missed my column in Saturdays GT, here it is.

Who remembers their first concert ever? Mine was ABBA and I was so crazy excited. It was 1977, I was 10 and it was a hot Australian summer. I remember feeling quite queasy and my Dad told me it was butterflies in my tummy which did need explanation at the time. It was at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and it was fabulous. I was hooked.

What about the first all out crush on a band or its singer? Mine was the Bay City Rollers but I was not lucky enough to see them live, I did however wear tartan to show my undying support. I am totally putting myself on the line here and telling you that I was head over heels crazy for Marilyn and Boy George. How did I not understand then that they didn't bat for my team but for each others? When I watch the videos now I feel a little foolish. I had a dream that I knew what room number Marilyn was staying in but not what hotel so I went to all the big ones in Melbourne (not that many in the mid 80's) but surprisingly had no luck.

So hilarious now

I was the envy of all when I got tickets to see Boy George and Culture Club and I was right up the front. I was happy but I have never been that crazy screaming kind of fan and it never crossed my mind to throw my knickers either. At this particular concert they had quiet a large space in front of the stage, perhaps a few meters that was unused. I was right on the barricade and seriously spent most of the night helping to pass along girls who had fainted. The funniest thing was that they would be lying there with the St Johns ambulance and when they came to and saw how close they were to Georgie boy they screamed their lungs out and passed out again. It sure was an experience to watch.

My last crazy antic was to express my love for Spandau Ballet. A friend and I managed to get in to the Hilton Lobby Cafe just before all the fans starting camping out the front. We were 17 and broke so drank crazy amounts of water and lived on the free nuts for about 24 hours. The staff were surprisingly nice to us, I think they thought it was cute and we were well mannered. So much so that they arranged for the band to come down and meet us. OMG!!!!!  I remember clearly that Martin Kemp was freshly showered and smelt soooooo good. They were very friendly and gracious and we got all their autographs.

A few nights ago I had the pleasure to take my 8 year old daughters to their first concert/boy band crush which was of course One Direction. My heart sang that night seeing their eyes widen at the wonder of it all. During the opening act Miss L told me she was saving all her screaming for 1D. When the lights went down and the glow sticks were everywhere they both let out an audible sigh of amazement. They screamed, they danced and sung their little hearts out. I was a little teary watching how happy they were. The icing on the cake was seeing 1D drive right by us when they left.

The next morning Miss L was inconsolable. She told me it was one of the best things she had ever done, she loved them so much and was sad she could not go again. Bless her cotton socks.

This was a rite of passage and I am glad I was there for it, it may however take a while to get my hearing back.

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