In the Spotlight: Laskas Lullabies

Friday, April 25, 2014

Meet Mary from Laskas Lullabies, a newcomer to Piccadilly Design Market in Geelong on 27 April.

Hi my name is Mary Lynton-Moll

I am a Grandma of 3 now living in Eltham who had a 40 year career in Health but have always loved design, craft and dressmaking.
When I retired from my career 3 years ago I thought it was a good time to try to forge a new direction and set up a business doing something I loved.

At the time there was a lack of affordable natural fabrics for baby & children’s bedding and after a long search I decide to have some organic brushed cotton made and started to make blankets for babies and young children.

I wanted a fabric that was natural, would not cause allergies and be breathable yet warm.

I applique nurturing animals onto the blankets and have now extended my range to include organic cotton sheets and cushions creating a nursery package. The blankets are sized to fit bassinets, prams, cots and also work as a throw on a single bed.

The name of my business is Laska’s Lullabies which was named after my beautiful grey mare who is no longer with us – Laska.  When we investigated business names all the obvious ones were already taken so we came up with this and then discovered Laska also means “love” in the Czech language and is the name of a town in Poland.

As my father was Polish this seemed meant to be, so Laska’s Lullabies was born.

In addition to my blankets I love to make greeting cards and this is my big relaxation, I sell baby cards to go with my range.

My favourite website is “Pinterest” I am absolutely addicted to it and spent most evenings while “watching” TV with my husband getting ideas for cards, planning my garden, looking at fabulous destinations for travel, finding wonderful recipes and indulging all my favourite pastimes.   Thank goodness for tablets and IPads!

I also love to read and have recently enjoyed The Rosie project” and just finished “The French Promise” both Australian authors and great reads.

I love to travel would love to go back to Norway to try and see the Northern Lights.

When my children were young I was lucky enough to meet and speak with Princess Diana, which was very special, she was such a genuine person. 

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