Christmas in July at Sovereign Hill

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I am not sure why or how it happened but I have never been to Sovereign Hill. Maybe I was away the day my school went or when I changed primary schools I missed out.

Finally I went yesterday and wow, I never realised what I was truly missing out on. It was great to see and experience something new with my children that I had not done before.

Bestie Peggie and her 3 came along also. On our drive from Geelong to Melbourne the rain got heavier and the temp was steadily dropping, when it hit 7 degrees we were worried. We decided to soldier on and give it a go and it was fine. A little drizzle here and there but thats it.

My son Master 10 said he knew it was going to be the olden days but didn't realise it was going to be truly olden days and that great.

Panning for gold was super fun, all 3 kids managed to find themselves some AFTER asking a local how to do it correctly, there is a trick to it.  3 little jars of gold specs came home with us with loads of memories attached.

We sent the kids down the mines as we both get a little woozy in confined spaces, apparently it was the girls highlight.

Sovereign Hill has been running Christmas in July for the past 3 years and I have to say it is a pretty special experience. It really did fill us with feelings of joy. There was a snowfall at 11.30 and it was super cool. I thought it would be a tiny thing for a few minutes but it was more like 15 minutes and felt very authentic. I am a big all things Christmas lover so all the decorations about made me happy.

We had to do the photo experience which was one of my highlights. Dressing up with all the kids was fun and more memory making. It made the 2 Mummy's very happy. The girls loved it but I am pretty sure the boys were not so keen. A little bribery may have been thrown in to help it along.

The kids really enjoyed the schoolhouse which honestly did not feel that different from my own primary school days. Not a screen in sight. Learning to write with the nib and ink was a new thing for them all.

Olden days bowling was fun if not a little challenging, a VERY long alley. I am normally pretty good at that kind of thing.

If you do go you absolutely MUST stay for the lightshow, photos do not do it justice but with the snow and the lights and the music it is a truly magical experience. We already want to make it an annual thing. Next time we would stay the night in Ballarat and do some more sightseeing.

Thank You Sovereign Hill. Hats off to your amazing, helpful, friendly staff. A most wonderful day out.

Christmas in July runs from June 28 - July 13

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