Elevare, a leg shaving miracle

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Were you born in the 60's?
Did you start shaving your legs with a razor in the 80's?
Do you still shave your legs most of the time rather than wax?
When you shave in the shower are you doing some crazy leg up on the wall sliding down and about to topple A over T?

I am all of the above so when I met the lovely, clever girl from elevare recently who has designed and made a product to revolutionise the whole shaving process I was excited and immediately took one home to try.

I try to keep my non market type products to a minimum on here but I think every girl needs one of these in her bathroom.

I love it!!!! It is great for shaving, tanning, exfoliating and moisturising with ease.

If you don't want to feel and look like a dork in the shower anymore check this out, you can buy it online here.

I love reading your comments so let me know what you think.

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