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Monday, September 01, 2014

I was very fortunate to be able to attend my 2nd problogger event this past weekend in the sunny Gold Coast.

The view from my room alone was worth the trip.

View from my room at QT Gold Coast

I have had a few friends roll their eyeballs and think this is just an excuse for a getaway, "bludging again" but I will forgive them as they possibly do not understand what they are being negative about. When I started blogging 5 years ago it was a totally different world and very few people were making a living from it. Fast forward and your mind would boggle at what people are achieving and earning online. As Darren Rowse said in his keynote, we were a room full of 550 ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

When you start to hear peoples stories it is so heart warming. Some have started blogs due to adversity, bad experiences, health issues and have built huge communities around them. They educate and uplift their followers.

I do not earn a cent from my blog, it supports my business as a marketing tool but I still love it and enjoy it and wish I had more time to blog more often. Instead of boring you with the ins and outs of what I learnt I thought I would introduce you to some fabulous blog discoveries I found that you may also enjoy.

I LOVED meeting the utterly gorgeous Candice De Ville from Vintage Current. We had a lengthy chat in the ladies room, where all awesome conversations and connections take place. Candice is beautiful inside and out and carries herself with the graceful air of a lady. Check out her lovely blog.

This gorgeous grouping of an outfit totally floats my boat.

Vintage Current

Candice De Ville and Janina Lear

The next blog I discovered was The Merrymaker Sisters, 2 gorgeous young girls who are sisters that decided they were sick of feeling crap from eating processed food and changed their lives for good. Their blog is all about going paleo and being kind to your body. Whilst I am not fully paleo I do subscribe to a huge part of it and their recipes look amazing. My pantry is full of the ingredients already so look forward to trying some new yummies.The girls are off to New York City next week, a city close to my heart, I look forward to following their adventure and seeing what cool food finds they make.

The merrymaker sisters

Confession time.....I am totally and utterly crap at doing hair. My poor girls are subjected to plain old piggy tails, pony tails and ordinary plaits. I always look with envy and jealousy at those fish tail braid thingys that look like they need a degree to achieve.  You can imagine my joy when I discovered Hair Romance, perfect for hair klutzes like me.

Sadly the new book sold out but I ordered mine here and am currently camped at the mailbox waiting for its arrival. 

Wait till the school Mums start seeing my 82, yes 82 new hairstyles that Miss Lola and Miss Bella will be sporting and maybe even me too.

Hair Romance

I was pretty damn excited when I came across Her Packing List that provides female travel advice and packing tips. I am a well travelled person but I never seem to get the packing part right, I take wayyyyyy too much stuff and somehow never have what I really need. So I am looking forward to devouring this site that has everything from what suitcase to take, how to get 1 million outfits from 3 garments (not really but you get the idea), are tampons available in XYZ?

Her Packing List

I used to follow Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim a while back but life got crazy and I feel off and stopped doing my Photo a Day. I am back. I sat in on Chantelle's session and hats off to her for doing something that totally scares the crap out of her. It is always admirable to see people facing their fears. It makes us better people. We had to do a little dance before the session and there was a prize up for grabs. I reckon my moves in this pic should have got me that prize but no it was not enough.

Me dancing 

Chantelle has released a new photo app and its fab. Its called Little Moments and worth the purchase. It gives a little prompt reminder each day for photo a day. I am playing along and will be posting to Instagram and Facebook if you want to follow.

I hope you enjoy my blog wrap up. Feel free to share your fave blogs in the comments.

I will leave you with this quote, my big take away from the weekend. Yes I do want it more.

and these fun photos with my travelling companions.

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