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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

My family and I are just back from a fabulous 2 weeks in Bali. I have been visiting Bali for 26 years and each trip is different depending on who I am with, where I go, my state of mind or financial status :). I will never tire of things to do, see and experience.

I will be writing some blog posts on where we stayed and great places to eat and my top Nasi Campurs (my all time favourite Balinese dish) but this one is solely on family friendly fun activities to experience.

1. Canggu Club

Located in Canggu approx 10 mins drive from the heart of Seminyak,  this was a fabulous day out for all of us. It is a relatively new resort that is not as intense as Waterbom but still has great water slides and pool area that kept my kids aged 10 -12 non stop busy for the entire day. From where the adults sat we could see everything and pretty much knew where the kids were at all times. We both took turns getting a massage at the in house Body Temple Spa. Expensive for Bali but cheaper than home and it was the best massage of the trip so well worth it.

You can not take outside drinks or food in but they have a cafe with a good reasonably priced menu.

I would recommend taking your own towels if you have them but you can hire them there.

If you were extra keen you can pay an extra $10 and that includes 1 hour at Bounce and 1 hour of Strike Bowling. We were too hot to even begin to consider that option.

2. Bali Tree Top Adventure Park

I have been wanting to do this for years and finally got my chance. I can not rave enough about the set up here. Located about 1.5 hour drive from Seminyak within the beautiful Botanical Gardens and close to Lake Bratan. We arrived before 10.30 which is cheaper and was much quieter. Before starting on the Circuits, every client must follow the Safety instructions given by the Patrol Guides.  They explained how the circuit works, how to use the equipment, and provided all safety instructions that must be respected at all times. My kids picked it all up and were off and running.

There are 7 different circuits to suit all age groups and abilities and there are staff everywhere to help and advise at all times. It is VERY well run. Each one of my kids had to be rescued once due to over confidence and it was done quickly and easily. I went right out of my comfort level and had a go and have to say that my anxiety levels were through the roof. It was a love/hate experience. The adrenaline was great and my fave was the zip lining but the obstacles were a challenge for me. One circuit was enough for me. Bucket list item ticked but kids did for hours and we had to drag them off.

We all highly recommend taking the time to do this and it is also a wonderful way to escape the heat as it is about 10 degrees cooler.

Rescue in progress

eeek...they are so little all the way up there

They are big trees

3. Ubud Cycling Trip

Finally my kids are old enough for us to do this. We were collected at 8 am from our Ubud Hotel for the drive to the active volcano Mt Batur where we began our ride. On the way we stopped at a Lewak coffee plantation. This is the most expensive coffee in the world, the red cocoa beans are eaten by the Lewak and then pooped out (yes really), cleaned and processed. I do not drink coffee so can not rate it but people do go crazy for the stuff.

The ride it self was fantastic, such a fun and unique way to see the true Bali outside of the tourist hubs. We whizzed through small towns where local children waved and tried to race us on foot. We went past the beautiful rice fields and stopped to walk through one and see how the rice is picked. You can then see the rice drying on the side of the roads in the villages. We went down tiny out of the way paths through green jungle areas even stopping at a tiny road side food stall with amazing samosas and the best Pisang Goreng (fried bananas). We stopped at a family compound to see how people live, the Balinese still really struggle financially, it is eye opening.

There is no website for the company we used and I think there are better choices. Next time I would look into Bali Eco Cycling

Lewak coffee beans in the poop

Top of the mountain

Miss Lola ready to go

They really wanted to take these puppies home

hard work in the hear


Just stunning

Road side delicious snacks


4. Casa Luna Cooking Class

Casa Luna is owned and run by Melbourne born Janet De Neefe and her husband Ketut. They also run Honeymoon Guesthouse that I normally stay out but it was booked out with a big yoga group this time. This is the 3rd time I have done a class and each time I have learnt something new. I LOVE Balinese food, it has a very unique flavour and worth discovering. It is hands on and you get to enjoy a big scrumptious feast at the end. My children really enjoyed it and learning how to make pastes by hand instead of throwing into the thermomix. If you have the time and the interest try and do the Market Tour as well. We didn't this time but have in the past and it is a great experience.

Busy at work

5. Pondok Pekak Balinese Classes

After all my years of travelling to Ubud I never knew about the local library and their classes. Such a great experience and we all came away with a hand made item. Lola, aged 10 and I did a silver smithing class for 3 hours. It cost 300,000 RP ($30AUD) which included 3 grams of silver (plenty) and a voucher for food and drink and the on site cafe. I made earrings and Lola made a hand stamped charm for her pandora bracelet. Was a great experience.

Jonah and Bella did wood carving and made a lizard and a turtle. They worked really hard and did so well. They seemed to go into a meditative state concentrating so hard and enjoying the process. It also cost 300,00 RP and was 3 hours.

The teachers were amazing and patient. I want to do fruit carving next time. everyone needs a fancy watermelon and their BBQ.

The teachers are always there and you need a minimum of 2 hours notice to book.

so impressed with Lola's intricate charm

All these experiences really took our trip to another level of enjoyment and adventure and getting off the beaten track.

Would love to hear if you do any or have done in the past and what you thought.

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