Piccadilly Market: Door Prize Winners

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Door Prize Winners

I had an overwhelming response for the mailing list, 8 pages of 42 names. So my very high tech random system was to email my friends and ask them to pick number between 1and 42 and voila we have 8 winners, who are........

1. Bethany Putland
2. Daniela Borys
3. Shirley Winata
4. Judy Long
5. Gillian Ovens
6. Catherine Palmer
7. Samantha Edwards
8. Georgie Walton

Congratulations Ladies. I will email you all or if you read this first please send me an email to janinastoolbox@gmail.com

A huge thank you to my stallholders who donated fabulous prizes.

1 comment:

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