Piccadilly Market: Frank and Dollys Winner

Monday, April 26, 2010

Frank and Dollys Winner

Rachel picked a winner and here is what she said

"i think the comment that bj made on your blogspot was my favorite, although they were all great! i love that apple tea brings back all those memories of travel and i'm a bit of a lover of foreign markets too! i'm still serving apple tea at the shop too, it's permanent. having a hot cuppa in your hands forces you to just stop for a minute or five...i feel like the shop is a beautiful little haven from the outside world and i love that others can experience that too, and not feel like they have to rush in and out...so anyone is more than welcome to still join me for an apple tea at the shop...so bj can pick up the purse and join me for a cuppa whenever it suits"

Congratulations BJ, I must admit your comment was my fave too.

Enjoy your prize


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