Piccadilly Market: I LOVE Frank and Dollys

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I LOVE Frank and Dollys

I am sooooo loving Rachel from Frank and Dollys LOVE letters and almost everything else in her brand new shop which opened last Friday @ 165b moorabool st, Geelong.

I have known the lovely Rachel now for a few years through the Baby Market and she had a stall at the launch Piccadilly Market.

Frank & dolly's will take you on a journey through texture, colour and design with each individual item handcrafted by rachel cooper and jane power. each piece has its own history, whether it be made from tapestry sourced from french village antique markets, linen fabrics from grandma's cupboard, or patterns passed down from family generations. frank and dolly's classic, eclectic and timeless style is reminiscent of garden picnics in spring poppy fields and dinner parties in rooms of rich floral wall paper. the frank & dolly's shop showcases the full frank & dolly's range, while also collaborating with other local and international artists, which each piece being made by hand and fair trade.

To celebrate the opening of Frank and Dolly's Rachel is giving one lucky person the chance to win a purse and card holder (see below). The winner can go in to the store and select their colour if this is not your shade.

On opening day Rachel was serving the most delicious apple tea which got us talking about tea. Please leave a comment below by Sunday 8pm and tell us what your favourite tea is. Dont forget to check back on Monday to see if you are the winner.
Good Luck!!!


Unknown said...

I was a coffee-addict, until I got pregnant with the triplets. As a result, I turned to tea, as a hot drink alternative that would be better for the babies - and I am officially hooked!!! Disappointed I missed out on the apple tea. Perhaps a re-launch of the opening day???

Vicki said...

A good Chai has to be mine. The first one I ever had was at the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland about 12 years ago. Truly it was the best [although I do make a pretty good one myself now]. I find the smooth flavours just take you to your 'special place'.

Pamela said...

I love my English Breakfast tea. Even at night time, I can be found enjoying a cuppa teamed with a few blocks of my favourite chocolate, melting in my mouth from the heat of the tea! Simple pleasures!

Anonymous said...

my favorite tea has to be Jasmine - always so refreshing after a good Vietnamese meal! I became hooked when I used to live in North Richmond as all of the delicious Vietnamese restaurants were literally around the corner.

Jess said...

I am a coffee drinker and have despretely wanted to be a tea drinker yet i have never really fallen in love with a tea but i enjoyed some apple tea at Rachel's launch and have to say...that is definately my favourite! So sweet and yummy!

Anonymous said...

Rhubarb Cream from Leaf Tea is a flavoured black tea that sounds weird but is delicious with milk. My current favourite!

My second favourite is Leaf Tea's Pink Champagne green tea. Delicious!

I'm a bit of a tea addict after having cups of tea with my grandma since I was a toddler. I love everything about it and have quite a collection of tea pots, tea cups, tea caddies and about 20 different teas - black, green, herbal, fruit - in my tea cupboard. My five year old is not at all interested but my nearly three year old loves the whole process making it difficult for me to have a cup of tea in peace. We've compromised and she has weak green tea.


Anonymous said...

Peppermint has been my staple tea for 10 years now. Lately I've been trying white tea which is like green tea but possibly better for you!? I will stay far away from fennel/fenugreek tea for a long time as I drank many litres of it after my 2 yr old Harper was born. to desperately try and produce enough breast milk for her. My 5 yr old Malya loves to drink herbal tea with me (peppermint).

bj said...

Apple Tea evokes memories of the bazaar in Istanbul and all the
colours, sights, flavours, sounds of the market.
Sitting in a stall with the sellers negotiating over apple tea.
Love it.

Blogger said...

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Alexis Ogg said...

Yes, there has been no doubt that I love Frank and Dolly’s on the basis of their characteristics and features. Most of the opponents of Dolly’s have been coupled with positive and enduring items. The role of dolly has been bright on all forms of life for the public.


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