Piccadilly Market: these photos took my breath away

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

these photos took my breath away

I came across these shots and was so taken by them, I also felt a bit of jealousy because I would love, love, love to take images like this.

The woman behind this is Amalia Chimera and she also has an etsy shop (oh how I love etsy) where you can purchase her gorgeous prints.


Xenia Girdler said...

They are quite ethereal aren't they. And evocative.

Jodie said...

They are so magical !

Krystyna said...

Congratulations! Absolutely love reading your blog, and the way you update me and lead me to other great sites. The blog also inspires and motivates me. Great to have someone to do all the net surfing and come up with the jewel finds.


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