Piccadilly Market: Face your Pockets

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Face your Pockets

I love this project which I found through a site I reguarly visit called Photojojo. There are so many cool things in their shop that are on my enermous wish list.

Remember the old days of copying body parts on the photocopier? Well this is the modern version, you scan what is in your bag or pocket and your face. I love the idea. I am a digital scrapbooker which I do because I love to document life for myself, my children and future generations. My Dad passed away in December from cancer, he was a fantastic photographer and I have inherited all his photos. There are ones from the 1800's with nothing on them. No name, dates, places, nothing. It's very sad that I know nothing about my family ancestors. I would love to know quirky things like what they carried in their pocket/bag.

So here is my take.

My vintage make up bag
Jan and Roger Peg Dolls made by my son
iphone playing Sarah Maclachlans new CD
Card from restaurant
My business card
My daughters flower hair clip and a bangle
Lip Stain
...and me

If you feel like having a go, send me a link to yours.


Anonymous said...

I had a look at my handbag after seeing your post and it's all very functional - purse, keys, phone, pen... checked out the ones on Photojojo and, like yours, they are a lot more quirky and interesting. Will have to stop emptying my handbag out after each time I use it and see what accumulates!
Also liked the recommended 'Photo movies' on Photojojo and have added some to my list of movies to check out. Amelie is already one of my favourites!
Looking forward to August 1!
Amanda (heitmann@iprimus.com.au)

Lachy (ljoyce@me.com) said...

I would love to face my crumpler, although I always find that I have such a lot in it I would need to stand on my table and take the picture down to the floor!! Like Amanda I also find its full of such boring practical items; keys, laptop, pens, wallet, ipod, headphones, etc....
I might take the brave leap one day soon!!

michelle(mich73@ncable.net.au) said...

I too inherited a heap of old photos they were my grandparents. id ask them about them when they were alive but they couldnt remember. i used to make up stories about the unknown faces. i think most of them were my great uncles girlfriends he was a bit of a flooze. how wonderful it would be if they had documented their life like you are & to know them before they were grandparents. keep it up your children will appreciate it. x p.s looking forward to the next piccadilly market please keep it going Geelong so needs great events like this. well done.

Leonie said...

Ha, what a fun idea Janina, might give it a go.
And I can give my bag a clean out while i'm at it lol.


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