Piccadilly Market: New Retail Therapy in Geelong West

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Retail Therapy in Geelong West

I was strolling down Pakington Street on Friday and spied a lovely new shop called Sass + Salter. A lovely light filled shop that is very welcoming and filled with lots of beautiful things. A great place to find a treat for yourself or to find a gift. I love vessels and there were so many on offer, an array of lovely jars, vases etc. I adored the divine girlie floral teacups in the front window.

Sassica runs the shop and says its a labor of love and it shows. Pop down and say hi and check out Pako's newest resident.

You can find Sass + Salter @ 224 Pakington Street, Geelong West
phone 5242 8101


Heartfire At Home said...

It's been ages since I've wandered down Pakington st... about time I gave it another whirl I think! Now that the weather should be warming up, a lovely afternoon visiting a few cafes and poking around in some delightful shops would be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Dirk has banned me from going in that shop and I haven't even been past it yet!

Amanda xxx

sarah s. said...

What a pretty shop. I wish I could pop over and check it out, but I am in America. I will forward to my family in Australia however in case they are in the area...thanks for sharing....

North County Film Club said...

what a cute shop and you wrote about it so nicely. wish it were closer.

Samantha said...

don't you just love these kinds of shops, the kind you can just speed a while in just looking, and then maybe treat yourself to a little something.

Leslie said...

Ooh cute shop, I may have to stop by next time I am in Geelong (whenever that may be).


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