Piccadilly Market: Who remembers swap cards?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who remembers swap cards?

My son Jonah is in Prep and this semester they have been looking at old toys. A few weeks back one of the boys grandmother brought in a stack of old swap cards and bam the memories of collecting them came rushing back. I especially loved my Holly Hobbie cards. I feel really sad that like so many things my swap cards were something that I got rid of. Then tonight whilst surfing I came across these and my heart skipped a beat. Thanks to Allison from Lark they are back. Yeh!!!! My girls can collect them also. Daisy Lane has plans on bringing out 144 this year. They are being sold by Lark so whilst you are there check out the rest of the online store and if you are in Daylesford pop in and see them. Of course there is also a blog to read.

I do love a stroll down memory lane.Did any of my peeps collect swap cards? have you still got them?


Anonymous said...

How funny! I ordered some of these swap cards from Lark (I love Lark) and they arrived this morning! I loved the Holly Hobbie ones too.

Amanda xxx

Leonie said...

oh loved my swap cards i still have over 1000. Got back to collecting them in my 20's one of the many things i've collected over the years lol. The australian playing card collectors society is based in melbourne, I used to be a member. :) must get mine out and have a look through them.

Geelong Baby Market said...

Amanda I cant believe you ordered some, how bizarre and Leonie do you want to share just a few???

kat-teamkitten said...

Hey Janina,
Found you from the BYW course... these are so awesome! Ooh how i loved Holly Hobbie stuff. My sister had a doona cover with Holly hobbie on it, so cute! Great site you have here too! Look forward to visiting more xox Kat xox

Rory Dittmer said...

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Charles Crookes said...

In our childhood the awesome moment was it to collect the wrap cards and have it to in our pocket. Wrap cards are our best memory for studentwritingservices and we did this all the day.

jhonny deep said...

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