Piccadilly Market: How good would 1000 hugs feel?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How good would 1000 hugs feel?

When you live in blog world you sometimes see the same thing over and over and it is always very refreshing to see something unique and quirky. I was contacted by a lovely local gal Kell who told me about a lovely project her and her 3 children (and she has twin girls like me) are doing over on 1000 Homes of Happiness. I love it, totally warms my heart and soul. They are making 1000 origami homes that they are going to leave around local places as little hugs from their family. Isn't that just super adorable?

Kell talks about meeting a woman who was never hugged as a child. i cant possibly imagine the emptiness of that. Me and my kids are all major huggers, anywhere and anytime. What about you? Do you love a good squeeze? what do you think of Kell's idea?

I am just hoping and praying I am lucky enough to stumble upon one of these treasures.


JOE. D said...

Hi Janina. We'll do a swap. You come thisaway to Ocean Grove .. and I'll go thataway and check out Pako street store. We'll meet back here and discuss which is better. Good idea?

Oh, and love your photos at Eastern Beach. Lovely!!

Geelong Baby Market said...

sounds like an excellent plan...

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