Piccadilly Market: 5 sleeps to go

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 sleeps to go

Sorry for my low profile in blog world.

I moved house last week and it has thrown me for a complete sixer. My cat has gone missing :(, I organized my Ski Club 50th Anniversary Ball last Saturday AND of course I am madly getting ready for Piccadilly this Sunday.

Just wanted to check in and say Hi and tell you to check out the list of amazing stall holders for this weekend. Come on down and get your Christmas gifts totally sorted.


JOE. D said...

i am so grrrr that I can't come on sunday. it is the mr's birthday and we have a big lunch here. can i wish you well from afar (well, only about 15kms really!!!) and see you at the next one. Loved the last one. Oh, and congrats on your new house. Did you move far???

BOB & MABEL said...

You have been busy!
I'm sure the market will be a huge success.

Geelong Baby Market said...

what a shame Linda. just moved to Geelong West. My cat had been stuck under the house for 2 days, he is home safe and sound now

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