Sunday, January 2, 2011

Word of The Year 2011

Happy New Year to all my peeps out there. I know a lot of people are away but for the ones that are around and reading I want to talk to you about choosing a word of the year. I am far too old to have resolutions, although I did tell my kids that mine was to put my clothes away before I went to sleep. I think it is far more sensible to choose one word or even let it choose you which mine did this year. The first year I did this was 2009 and my word was Change, in 2010 it was Peace and for 2011 it is commitment. I am so committed to my businesses, my children, my family, my reading, my crafts but I am NOT committed to ME. 2011 is about committing to making personal changes. I am putting it out there right here, right now that I am committed to being healthier, being less attached to chocolate and ice cream, being slimmer and I would like to RUN in the Mothers Day Classic in May.

I first heard of One Little Word from Ali Edwards and from Kelly Rae and I know there is a whole big community of One Little Word Supporters out there.

What will your word be and why?

You can even have your word put on a necklace here which is what I am about to do.


moppysgirl said...

'focus' is the word for me - after it popped into my head when reading about your word for the year I have given it some thought and it is quite appropriate! My attention span currently matches that of my five year old, and I am equally easily distracted... time to address that I think! xxx

Anonymous said...

i am right there with you! Go for it girl~~~

Spunkerella Pettiskirt said...

LOVE this .... one simple word.
Hmmmmmmm freaks out tring to think of my own word!!


Radish said...

I am from ByW class. My word of the year is Heart. Last years was Positive.

raquel said...

'embrace' is my word, i've written why on my blog here


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