Piccadilly Market: DIY Craft Cabinet and my Craft Space

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Craft Cabinet and my Craft Space

It is time for another DIY. I love having DIY projects, however finding the time is so hard. My gorgeous friend Ginny was getting rid of this old cabinet over a year ago and put up my hand after seeing a a great project on better homes and gardens a few years back. This was the perfect size for what I wanted.

I did forget to take a photo of it when I first got it but on the left hand side was an open space and hanging rail which I removed. I measured the space and went to Bunnings and they cut me 3 shelves. I had them cut narrower so I could hang things on the door as you will see below.
I also removed one bottom shelf from the right side so I could store my sewing machine in there.

After a few coats of white paint this is what it looks like. Gorgeous isn't it?

I lined the shelves and doors with the same wallpaper I used for my Filing Cabinet which you can see here

On the door I attached hooks for my scissors and tapes etc and magnetic strips from Ikea where I can put the magnetic containers filled with little tiny things.

Here is my a small part of my fabric stash which I really need to start getting into.

I bought this fabulous organizer in the tiny town of Yarragon in Gippsland. I had been searching for one for months to use for Jonahs Ice Cream Birthday party to pop lollies in but never found one in time.

This is a view of my work space, it is still a work in progress but it sure does beat the couch or kitchen table in my old house.

If you have any questions regarding the DIY cabinet, leave a comment and I will get back to you.


Catherine Westwood said...

just GORGEOUS! clever you..

Ali said...

love this!! so cute!!

Anonymous said...

So clever! I long to be sooo neat and organised..

Anna said...

LOVE IT! I want one... anyone got an old cabinet for me...? Anna / anna.lord photography

BOB & MABEL said...

You've done a great job Janina, love it so much.

Mookah Studio said...

That is one super organised space lady!

moppysgirl said...

Fabulous! You've motivated me to get organised and clean out the cabinet in our front room. It won't be as cute as yours - my sewing stuff will have to share space with office type stuff!

Geelong Baby Market said...

thanks ladies.
It really is fabulous to be so organised.
I love it.

Joanne said...

Great creative space! And a practical way to use the lovely old cabinet.

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