Piccadilly Market: Super Duper Amazing Kid Parties

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Super Duper Amazing Kid Parties

I am completely and totally obsessed with beautifully themed parties and follow a lot of party sites. These two have totally captivated me. The creativity involved is just boundless. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

The first I found via the fabulous Tomkat Studio of a 1st birthday party in the Philippines. It is just drop dead gorgeous.

The second party comes via Kara's Party Ideas which has a never ending source of amazing ideas. It is an UP party, I love it. The cake is just stunning, almost too good to eat.


How amazing were they?

Master J said to me 2 nights ago that for his birthday this year he wants no dress ups, no themes, no games and only school friends (I am allowed to stay). I said what about the cake?
Just a plain one. This has got to be my worst nightmare. I was already in planning mode for the best Cowboys and Indians or science party EVER.

Its not till December so hoping he changes his mind.


moppysgirl said...

I hope Master J changes his mind as well. I love making cakes... not such a fan of eating them but the creative side is so much FUN! My two have each decided on Barbie cakes this year. I am trying to work out ways of making them a bit special - current idea is a lemon meringue Barbie gown.

If Master J doesn't come through for you, you could always make yourself a giving-birth day cake :-)


Jeanie Irving said...

I'm loving that UP party! Love the bright vibrant fun colours. The cake is amazing.


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