Piccadilly Market: Alice in Wonderland 6th Birthday Party

Monday, August 22, 2011

Alice in Wonderland 6th Birthday Party

My baby girls have turned 6....where on earth did those years go.
In the midst of my manic life I promised them a fancy pants Alice in Wonderland party and fancy pants is what they got.

With 2 markets Piccadilly and Geelong Baby Marklet 6 days apart, Be Socially Savvy work and packing for a holiday I buckled and called in the professionals and that was the amazing Jane from Coco by Miss Jane. Between us we pulled it off.

This was the result...

Cake - Made by me and proud of it
Cake Bunting - Made by me with free printables from TomKat Studio
Cupcake Toppers - Sunnyprints
Cupcake Liner and Doily Garland (seen in link below)- Made by Me

All the girls took home an "eat me" chocolate bar which are Aldi Mini Blocks re wrapped.....clever hey!

Everything else made and supplied by the fabulous Jane.

You can Also see Coco By Miss Janes blog post here

Two very happy 6 year olds who would not stop making faces long enough for a proper photo


Katherine said...

Where did you get the cute glass bottles? I'm doing my daughters 6th birthday in a couple of weeks, and am desperate for something similar

Piccadilly Market said...

Katherine, they are the bottles from the supermarket with the trendy little juices in them, Italian I think, name escapes me now. Kids drank loads of them leading up to the party then I soaked labels off.

mark lawrence said...

Good to know about this birthday party and hope you had good time. Last month, I arranged my cousin’s birthday party at a grand LA venue. Ordered a birthday cake for her from one of the reputed bakers and she enjoyed this party a lot.

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