Piccadilly Market: A perfect Autumn Market Day

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A perfect Autumn Market Day

Once again we were blessed with a perfect market day.

We shared the waterfront with the MG car show and the men in coloured skivvies being The Wiggles of course, making it a very busy day. Twice we had a sea of Dorothy the Dinosaur Balloons making their way through Deakin.

From 10am till about 1.30 it felt as if the whole of Geelong had come down to check us out. Great energy and atmosphere accompanied by the fabulous Andy Pobjoy who entertained us for a few hours with his smooth tunes.

The amazing talent on display was again enjoyed and commented on by so many people. I love seeing my regular stallholders being swamped by their very loyal customers as well as all the new exhibitors receiving lots of warranted attention.

Thank you to the lovely and adorable Penny and Laura from Oh! Hello Geelong who came down and checked us out and posted this lovely review. Thank you to all the other peeps that came and said hello.

Here is a small snapshot of the day and what was on offer.

The next market is on July 29th and will be a lovely place to come out of the cold of winter and warm yourself up with a spot of shopping. I look forward to seeing you there.


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