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Thursday, February 7, 2013

If Your Body Could Talk

Love your Body.......so easy to say but so hard to do and to actually feel.

For those who know me, you have seen my struggle with weight for as long as I can remember and have done every diet known to woman. I start with such enthusiasm but due to SUPER slow results I end up giving up too early and its back to the start again.

Sadly I dont have the skinny gene anywhere near me, I only need to look at food and there it is on my thighs within seconds so you can imagine what happens when I do actually eat it. I have to watch what I eat and exercise all the time just to maintain. It sucks but it is what it is.

I love food but good food. I am not a takeaway, fatty food type person, never have been. I just love awesome gourmet goodies and feasts in a little too much abundance. Chocolate and Ice Cream could also be a little problematic...lol

A friend of mine Jacquie Sharples has written this fantastic book called If Your Body Could Talk. It is different to anything else I have read and I loved it. Rather than telling you what to do and what to eat and not eat, it puts everything in perspective. It is a series of letters from your body to you. The idea is to treat your body as a dear friend, as your BFF. With that simple switch of focus I am feeling better and motivated with a new mindset.

My body is now called Olivia (my Dad wanted me to be called this and mum said No), she is my new BFF, we intend to be together for another half a century so I have to treat her right. We have to stop arguing and I need to stop calling her bad names and I need to start listening when she communicates with me. i.e "Janina, I am really full, can you stop feeding me, I truly don't need another slab of brie"

I have 3 copies to give away. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me what your biggest struggle is with losing weight or just in trying to live a healthy life? 3 winners will be drawn at random on Wednesday 13th February at 2pm.

If you cant wait and want to order a copy you can do it right here.

13th February - The winners  are apocketfullofposes, mary and michelle. Can you contact me on janina@piccadillymarket.com.au with your mailing addresses and I will get your books sent out.


Anonymous said...

Hello 'Olivia'!
Sounds like a great book. My biggest struggle is dealing with the guilt, shame and consumerism being pressed on me by the weight-loss industry and the mass media that feeds it. Okay, maybe not so much a struggle as a bug-bear. I know other women who are annoyed by this, too, and we try to avoid mass media, including buying magazine that peddle that rubbish.

Michelle said...

Oooh sounds like an interesting read! My biggest struggle is dealing with well meaning family who show their love for me through their cooking. It feels rude to decline their offers (since essentially that would be the equivalent of saying "no thanks.. I don't love you as much as you love me") so instead I just eat the food, then go through the whole guilt/self hatred cycle *sigh*

I hope you and Olivia have a splendid time hanging out and eating smaller quantities of healthy, nutritious food :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog post and so true for so many people. While I consider myself very fortunate to not have to worry about my weight; my body sufferes for my lack willpower when it comes to the amount of sugar and dairy (which I can be intolerant of)I should eat. And the end result is I feel it in my body and my mood.

Patch of Pretty said...

by far my biggest issue (other than my backside) is making the time and prioritizing myself and my health above other things. i love walking and yoga, eatting yummy healthy food... but always find myself running low on time!!!
I am already reading this book and really like the fresh perspective. it is well worth the read for all of us who struggle.
PS... nice to meet you Oliva.

Anonymous said...

I am not overweight by very much, just a few extra kilos. However, my body has been telling me that lately. My nice clothes don't fit as well as they should. I feel sluggish and bloated. But i am trying to do something about it! For the last two weeks I have been getting up earlier and riding my exercise bike for 20 mins. Not long but enough to make me feel like I can make a difference. I am also watching what I eat- difficult when I am feeding three teenage boys! I am hugely into inspirational quotes which is why I would like this book. I recently read a quote "Of course it's hard. It's supposed to be hard. If it was easy everybody would be doing it. Hard is what's making it great!" and that's what's inspiring me at the moment. Plus the fact that i have lost nearly 3 kilos. Work hard. You can achieve it.
Mary (different Mary!)

a pocketfullofposesphotography said...

Well hello, Olivia! This is my confession:
I cannot stop eating things beginning with CH.
Cheese, Chocolate & Chips. These things make my CHeeks (face & bottom) CHubby and my thighs CHunky! These cheeky treats are unable to satisfy my cravings unless they are devoured in larger than acceptable portions and more often than not washed down with a few glasses of CHardonnay!! I just can't help myself. Won't be long until my double CHin will be a triple! Why am I CHeating myself & potentially my kids out of a healthy mother?

Piccadilly Market said...

So nice to read your comments. It is hard isn't it? apocketfullofposies I believe I may have the same problem as you. CH's appear to often in my life. I wish you all luck in your journey for a healthy life.

Piccadilly Market said...

Olivia and I are still going strong.

Anonymous said...

My two passions, yoga and sewing, are constantly at loggerheads, and vying for my time most of the day, and sometimes the night. When I should be getting into my exercise regime, my 'other' passion steps in and now the kilos are slowly piling onto my problem areas, from the waist to the knees!!. I need someone to sort me out, now!

Unknown said...

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